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Service Package Retail 24

Retail 24 maintenance services package has been created to ensure and maintain the stability and maximum reliability of retailers’ systems and their smooth and continuous operation.

Retail 24 maintenance services package includes:

•    Customer service line for providing consultations by phone or email;
•    Continuous proactive monitoring of equipment in real time;
•    Immediate remote support in the event of client’s systems failure;
•    Repair of defective/faulty equipment;
•    Preventive maintenance of hardware and software;
•    Upgrade of equipment and system versions.

Call Center

Orders or messages on system operation failures are registered, consultations are provided and any inquiries are resolved within the time limit specified in the agreement. Client consultations are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling customer service at 8700 70022 and by email:

Incoming client calls are answered by consultants who have long-term experience of working with retail technologies.

•    One phone number for the solution of all questions;
•    Operates: 24/7/365;
•    We provide service in 5 languages: Lithuanian, Russian, Latvian, Estonian and English.

Remote fault elimination

If the system problems cannot be resolved during a telephone consultation, system maintenance technicians provide support by connecting remotely to the system. In this way, faults are eliminated much faster and clients can promptly return to their daily activities.  

Fault elimination in the shop and restaurant

If the system problems cannot be resolved during a telephone consultation and remotely, a service engineer arrives to clear the fault on-site in the shortest possible time. If the fault cannot be cleared right away, then alternative equipment is offered for temporary use that allows performing further activities.  

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance check-ups of retail systems and hardware help to ensure smooth running of the shops during which possible failures are eliminated. Our maintenance technicians clean and examine equipment, evaluate information system effectiveness, and perform required software maintenance and upgrade works. The frequency of preventive maintenance check-ups depends on agreement conditions and they are usually performed at least every 12 months.

ERP systems support

Understanding the importance of daily operation of these systems and their influence on your business, we ensure that all systems will be serviced and maintained under the coordinated conditions and will bring benefit while operating. Situations that need more complex solutions are solved by third level specialists: system architects, consultants, and programmers.


Proactive system monitoring

Software installed on the POS computers allows continuous monitoring of system functionality. In addition, having noticed or received information on any discrepancies, failures, and deviations from requirements for system operation it eliminates them or inform about them the client. 

Why us?

•    We serve more than 1100 retail enterprises (in LT: 500, in LV: 300, in EE: 350), 3500 shops and 8200 points of sales;
•    60% of incidents are resolved remotely;
•    We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
•    We provide services in the Lithuanian, Russian, Latvian, Estonian and English languages;
•    70% of our service engineers have been working for the company for more than 5 years.

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