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Manufacturer: Microsoft

  • A reliable and stable platform which is especially import for retailers;
  • The solution that covers all business processes starting from the General Ledger to POS receipts;
  • An innovative and flexible solution providing effective insights and management possibilities to make decisions which increase margin, improves cash flow, and enhance process effectiveness;
  • High adaptation and rapid modification possibilities encourages the decision to grow and develop together with the constantly changing business conditions;
  • Latest technologies provides the conditions for employees to work more efficiently and effectively;
  • Safe investment: the solution based on the long-term experience and the best international practice is constantly developed and updated;

This is the time-tested system introduced almost 30 years ago with more than 300.000 clients in 42 countries today. New Vision in 2000 was the first implementation of the specialised and integrated Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Systems offering solutions from POS (computer-based point-of-sale systems) to financial accounting. During that time more than 15 NAV Retail Projects have been introduced to leading Baltic retailers operating in other countries too (UK, RU, PL, CZ, RO, SE).

The accumulated long-term experience and New Vision specialist expertise, the existing products and services portfolio provides with the possibility to evaluate customer needs in an integrated fashion: to offer technical equipment, possible services and support related to the required business management solution.

Having introduced  financial, supply, warehousing, sales, marketing management, business analysis and other modules of this programme which are integrated and compatible with equipment needed for trade and required specialised programmes  to the clients (warehouse management, online stores, electronic data transmission, etc.), we help combine all these processes into one whole. This allows companies to look more lightly into the company’s activity and control its business. We try and expect that our systems would bring the following tangible benefits:

  • Centralised management and control of business processes of stores/subdivisions: provides effective insights required for the monitoring of all possible aspects of business processes from stock, store assortment, orders, work with suppliers, pricing, customer analysis, loyalty to the employee labour productivity;
  • Effective finance management: from cash flow management to consolidated data working with a large number of legal entities;
  • Automated and consolidated information of all company’s divisions: reliable and real-time reports and visualisation tools allow to obtain and  analyse the company’s activity data and  KPI, and undertake timely and relevant actions;
  • Cost saving: transfer of business processes into NAV allows the reduction of a  number of administered programmes, the costs of manual labour and maintenance, and the increase of employee effectiveness – promotion of simplification of daily functions, rationality and productivity.

This is a NAV 2013 Localization add-on for Lithuania. The module consists of NAV 2013 translation to Lithuanian language and product's adaptions according Lithuania laws. The solution implements translation and additional features for Lithuania. Lithuanian feature pack for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 includes a significant amount of application features and enhancements that are required by the Lithuanian accounting Law. Additionally it has features that will benefit customers in getting greater performance, visibility and insight into how business is performing.

Localization User Guide

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