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Manufacturer: LS Retail

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  • Expertise since 1988.
  • Built on advanced Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform.
  • Powerful solution for Retail and Hospitality.

LS Nav is a leading solution for retail that operates on MS Dynamics NAV platform. Its unique use of a single application to cover store to headquarters; the Point of Sale (POS) terminals, store systems, inventory, merchandising and all the back office functions required at head office, sets LS Nav apart from all other solutions in the market.

We started to cooperate with LS Retail in 1999. Years of experience and accumulated competency enables us to pick and design business management solutions that best meets customer’s requirements, to use the most optimal ways for increasing operational efficiency and work productivity.

In 2014 we became LS Retail Regional Partner in Europe and in 2015 – LS Retail Diamond Partner. We have installed retail business management systems for more than 100 companies in the Baltic countries.

Our experts work in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, also we have different projects in other European countries. The network of our clients stretches across all Baltic countries. The activities of more than 30 out of 210 StrongPoint employees are focused on working with MS Dynamics NAV and LS Nav. These are analysts, programmers, consultants, project managers, customer service center specialists and service engineers. Our employees are certified and speak Lithuanian, English, Russian, Latvian and Estonian languages.

Long-term experience and StrongPoint experts’ competency, disposable products and services portfolio enable to evaluate customers’ needs comprehensively: additionally, to effective business management solution to offer all necessary technical equipment, related service and support. We integrate and adjust solutions will all hardware and software systems – help to combine all processes to the whole. It helps companies to analyze operations and control the business.

We have implemented MS Dynamics NAV and LS Nav integrations with:
  • Systems used by customers (SAP, Exapta, other)
  • Electronic document exchange systems (Edisoft, Telema)
  • Other specialized ERP systems (Equinox, nSoft, service pay systems) 
  • Loyalty systems (Gera dovana, Mylimiausia, Lwallet)
  • Web solutions
  • Other (Global Blue, Analytic systems, other).

We have brought together a team of active, enthusiastic and interested in innovations experts that are ready to help to solve any challenges on business operational optimization.

LS Nav — The complete business solution 

Increase the efficiency and profits of your retail business, streamline processes, speed up tasks and make your customers happy. LS Nav is a flexible, highly scalable and powerful software solution used by thousands of retail companies and restaurants worldwide. 

Simple and fast

Solution is easy to use and fast to implement. Empower management and staff by giving them all the tools they need to serve customers in a simple and easy way. 

For retail and hospitality

Do you also run a café or restaurant in your retail stores? Then LS Nav is the perfect choice for you. The system is specifically designed to run retail and hospitality businesses in one single system, fast and efficiently.

From head office to front of house

LS Nav, built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, is an integrated system; therefore, the POS, back office and head office all use the same application. Track individual transactions from the POS to the general ledger, and maximize your control over the business.

Total control across the channels

LS Nav offers you total channel integration. This means you can track sales, stock and productivity live on all your channels. Get a holistic view of your customers, orders and business and always be on top of all activity taking place in-store, on the e-commerce platform and on mobile.



  • Product lifecycle management 
  • Manual and automated item creation and maintenance 
  • Dynamic hierarchy, attributes and other grouping of product 
  • Stores and POS configuration and management 
  • Price, offer, coupon and campaign management 
  • Open-to-buy 
  • Automatic replenishment and forecasting 
  • Franchise management 
  • Serial/lot number support 
  • Loyalty program, mobile loyalty and portal management 
  • Special orders, e-commerce, mobile commerce order processing 
  • Vendor performance 
  • Staff management and sales commission 
  • Sales reporting and BI 
  • Loss prevention 
  • Allocation planning and replenishment by allocation 


  • Dashboard for store operations 
  • POS management 
  • Cash management 
  • Stock counting and adjustments by simple worksheets 
  • Store replenishment by stock request 
  • Purchase and transfer orders 
  • Sales history 
  • End-of-day management 
  • Flexible architecture 
  • Manage staff permissions 
  • Receiving and picking goods 
  • Stock counting and adjustments 
  • Item and shelf label ordering and printing 


  • Easy-to-use POS/mobile POS 
  • Fast checkout 
  • Multiple user interfaces 
  • Broad POS hardware support 
  • Multiple payments 
  • Special orders entry at POS 
  • Item cross-selling 
  • Item finder 
  • Powerful search capabilities 
  • Member management/Loyalty program 
  • Click & Collect 
  • Mobile inventory processes, including receiving and picking 


  • Mobile loyalty app on various devices: iOS, Android, Windows 
  • Personalized offers and notifications 
  • e-commerce stores 
  • Access to product information on web and mobile 
  • Map of locations with directions 
  • Easy loyalty registration and access 


LS Nav Hospitality

Powerful POS and back-office solution for the hospitality industries. The LS Retail products have been translated in 33 languages and implemented in over 60 countries.

Regardless of market niche or service, restaurant managers must continually be alert for ways to increase customer satisfaction in order to ensure repeat business and streamline their operations. These factors are vital for success in a fierce market environment.

Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the business management solution with more than one million users worldwide, sets the global standard for functionality, international scope, adaptability and ease of use.

Expertise since 1988

LS Retail has been singularly focused on providing solutions to meet the needs of the demanding retail and hospitality environment on the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Powerful Solution

LS Nav Hospitality is an integrated, multilingual POS and back-office solution for hospitality organizations worldwide. LS Nav Hospitality provides management and employees with the necessary tools to keep the customers satisfied, thereby ensuring repeat business.


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